Thursday, June 7, 2012

2012 London Olympic 50 Days to go

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Do you ever wonder how long it is left until the next Olympics? The Olympic Games Countdown! 2012 London Games 50 Days to go.  We are now waiting for the Next Summer competitions in the capital of the UK

I Olympic Games 1896, Athens, Greece

       60 L black Quadriga of Chariot driving

12 special stamps were issued  in 1896 Athens Games no postage stamps from other countries!  the dated of issue April 6th 1896

Engraver: E. Mouchon, Designer: Gillieron

The first Modern Olympic Games at Athens in 1896.James Brendan Connoly of United States become the first Olympic Champion When he won the triple jump event

For more details about James Barendan Connoly

ref the below link

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