Monday, August 29, 2011

Hockey wizard Dhyan Chand's name should recommended for Bharat Ratna

Dear friends and sports lovers

As today We celebrating the Birthday of Major Dhyan Chand an Indian hockey as National sports day , We want to recommended The Hockey wizard Dhyan Chand's name for Bharat Ratna the highest civilian award in the field of sports, should go to hockey wizard Major Dhyan Chand, and not to Indian Cricket batting legend Sachin Tendulkar

Major Dhyan Chand was one of the greatest sportsman ever produced by India The wizard of Indian hockey, he had done his service to the country in the field of hockey and helped India attain glory that is unparalleled to any off the other sports

Senior officials of the Indian Olympic Association, however want to thrown their weight behind this matter, how long the supporters of Major Dhyan Chand can wait?

Mr,Ajay Maken Minister for Sports and Youth Affairs, wrote in April this year to Home Minister P Chidambaram to include sports in the category of highest civilian award to be granted to a citizen keeping in mind the unprecedented services of Sachin Tendulkar in cricket, what the other past Sports and Youth Affairs Minister not done so for, why not Major Dhyan Chand?

I am not against Sachin Tendulkar getting the Bharat Ratna, am good fan of Sachin Tendulakar too, I feel the distinction should go to an National sport / Olympic sports, and then to the other sports

As sports and Olympic philatelist, I love all the sports and I hope I will get the viewers feed back and comments from all sports lovers after reading this article.

The above art work by Vishal Wadaye

Dhyan Chand dazzled spectators the world over by his magical skills with his hockey stick. Austrians honored him by building his statue in Vienna with four hands holding four sticks. In Holland his hockey stick was checked to see if it contained a hidden magnet! He scored over a thousand goals during his illustrious career and was instrumental in winning gold medals for India in three consecutive Olympics.

Courtesy: to the art work by Vishal Wadaye

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