Saturday, June 9, 2012

2012 London Olympic 48 Days to go

III Olympic Games 1904, Paris, France.

 The Games were held from 1st July to 23rd November 1904, at St. Louis, a large city on the Mississippi in eastern Missouri. None of the countries Issued any Stamp.
The post card from St. Louis at world fair Post office date 26th October 1904
This Miniature sheet depicting 1904 Gold medal, silver medal, st Louis world's fair, 1904 Olympic Poster, and

Remembering note: 

 An interesting tale was added to the Olympic marathon,Long before today's notorious scandals involving Tonya Harding, Michelle Smith, and Ben Johnson there was distance runner Fred Lorz. Lorz set the standard for Olympic disgrace during the marathon event at the 1904 Games, when fred Lorz Journeyed a large part of the race in a car to come first.

He was later disqualified and his Compatriot and The "real" winner of the race was Thomas Hicks, who had to be helped across the finish line after 3 hours, 28 minutes and 53 seconds—the worst marathon time in Olympic history.Thomas Hicks adjudged the winner. 

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