Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Olympic Flame

The Facts of Olympic flame:

A Barbuda miniature sheet (1984) shows the start of the journey of the torch from Olympia. The journey may not be only by land, water and air With modern technology, the flame has been transferred by adopting  latest  techniques and satellites,

points to  note:

in 1964 it was carried  from Greece to Okinawa (Japan) by air.

in 1968 it was carried to Veracruz ( Mexico) by ship,

in 1972 the torch was passed through land by a horse, boat and runners 

in 1976 the flame was transmitted by electronic devices (using satellite ) and then  it have been continuation, and now 2012 using the same, The Olympic flame at the Temple of Hera. 


The Grenada 1988 Stamps 

A mirror was uses to intensify the sun's rays and ignite the flame. The flame is passed to the torch, which will travel 1,800 miles on Greek soil, a week-long relay throughout Greece and it will be heading off to London for the 2012 Summer Olympics.


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