Tuesday, January 18, 2011

IOC may ban India from Olympics

Dear friends and Readers bad news to sports lovers and sports philately in India

The above Stamp Released during the 86 th session of IOC held in India

Indian Olympic Association Logo stamp Release during 1988 olympic games

Lausanne, Jan 14: India has been served a warning by the International Olympic Committee's executive board, to resolve the ongoing crisis over sports chiefs or face a ban from the Olympics.
After a meeting at Lausanne, Switzerland the board said, "A number of points still have to be resolved", and added, "Consequently if the situation does not evolve positively, the IOC executive board will consider taking appropriate measures and actions which might seriously affect the representation and participation of India at the Olympic Games and international Sports events coming up.”
IOC informed that government of India had agreed in Lausanne, in June 2010 to adopt a jointly agreed draft constitution for the Indian Olympic Committee and respect its autonomy.

IOA and the Indian government are at loggerheads over a Delhi High Court ruling to restrict the tenure in office and fixing the upper age limit for heads of Indian sports federations.

Meanwhile, the IOC suspended Ghana from its membership. The move comes after months of talks between Ghana Olympic Committee and the IOC to resolve disputes arising over political interference in the functioning of the country's sports federations. The ban effectively means a withdrawal of Ghana's Olympic funding and endangers the country's participation in London 2012 Olympics.

Courtesy: http://news.oneindia.in/2011/01/14/ioa-olympics-india-ghana-aid0120.html

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