Sunday, December 5, 2010

100 Rowland Hill cover with 1896 Greece Stamps

Rowland Hill’s introduction of the Penny Black in 1840 has led to the postal authorities world wide issuing their own marvellous issues. Rowland Hill’s legacy was commemorated at the London Stamp Show 2000. Fine examples of the designer and printer’s art are shown in this selection of eight covers as well as a superb "Pearl Black" Penny Black coin.

Rowland Hill cover with 1896 Greece SG120 5d green stamp First Olympic Games stamp “Victory”.

This stamp is the second highest face value in a 12 stamp series. The subject is the Greek goddess Nike, sculpted by Paeonius, and excavated at Olympia only a short time before the games. The set were the only stamps issued for the first modern Olympic Games and are therefore the shortest collection of thematic stamps for any Olympic games since stamps were invented.
Cancellation: “The Stamp Show London 2000, 27th May. Footballer and football emblem, Theme of the day “Sport”.

The one cover is on olympic is shown please ref the other 7 covers

Courtesy:myphilately Mr theo

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