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083 Down the memory lane

Down the memory lane

As sports persons across the country celebrate Dhyan Chand's birthday as National Sports Day on Sunday, many may not aware of the fact that Sri Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad played a vital role in Indian hockey team's victory in 1936 Olympics finals.


Let’s go down the memory lane of 1936 Olympics :

Indian team would have probably lost against Germany. It was Sayajirao’s pep-talk which made Dhyan Chand during the half-time in final game and asked him to remove his shoes while playing. Dhyan Chand played bare foot during second half as Indian team

Went on to score seven goals against Germany’s

Historians say that Indian players were very nervous in finals against Germany as the host team had beaten them convincingly during a practice match earlier. "When the final match started, Dhyan Chand and other players were not able to play properly. The players seemed perplexed and managed to score only one goal in the first half. Sayajirao, who was watching the game, got surprised by Indian team's performance,”

Written in SayajiraoGaekwad's Biography by Dr Damodar Nene,

Sri, Sayajirao's pep-talk:

Sayajirao met Dhyan Chand and other hockey players during the half time and asked them why they were not playing to their potential. "Dhyan Chand said he had the habit of playing bare foot and was finding it difficult to play in shoes. Sayajirao told Dhyan Chand promptly to remove shoes and play. He also had a brief but inspirational chat with other players. He told the team, ‘win you must' and a big prize is awaiting you'.

Dhyan Chand than removed his shoes in second half and scored three goals. The game had a lasting effect on Hitler who even offered Dhyan Chand a colonel's rank if he agreed to play for Germany. Dhyan Chand, though, refused the offer. "The fact that Dhyan Chand played bare foot to help India win Olympics is documented, but not many know that Sayajirao was the person who helped the Indian captain shed his inhibitions,"

The Legendary hockey player Dhyan Chand's aggressive as well as composed play against Germany in finals of 1936 Berlin Olympics left even Adolf Hitler red-faced. Such was the domination of Indian hockey team led by Dhyan Chand that Hitler reportedly left the final match mid-way to avoid embarrassment

Dear friend so i request you all on the day of he Legendary hockey player Dhyan Chand's birth day to be the part of Sri Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad and play a vital role in Indian sports and help to younger & future Legend and in mean time my hearty wishes to all youth who have taken part in youth Olympic

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