Thursday, April 22, 2010

078 Jan Antonio Samaranch Passed away

  • A pretty island raised atoll with surrounding reef which is exposed at low tide, the Republic of Nauru is 12 miles in circumference and just over eight square miles. Most of the 10,000 population live on the narrow coastal belt.
  • A small isolated Central Pacific island, it lies some 36 miles south of the Equator and is readily accessible by regular services on the island's national carrier, Air Nauru, from major Pacific ports.
The Nauru Olympic Commitee issuied the above stamps during the visit of Juan Antonio Samaranch.

      Great loss to Olympic Family & Olympic Philately....

        I deeply regret to write that Juan Antonio Samaranch, is No More

        Juan Antonio Samaranch, The man behind the idea of Olymphilex/Olymplex the International Olympic Stamps Exhibition which had become an integral part of the Olympic Games since 1984 . Juan Antonio Samaranch himself an avid Olymplic Philatelist,

      • A dominant figure in the modern Olympic movement who over 21 years guided the Games from a period of boycotts and near bankruptcy to an era of unprecedented success and damaging scandal, Passed away on Wednesday in his home city, Barcelona, Spain. He was 89.

Few Golden Moment of Juan Antonio Samaranch

  • Former IOC chief Juan Antonio Samaranch wears the Gold Olympic order necklace at the Column Hall in Moscow in 2001. Samaranch, a giant of the Olympic movement,

    • Sir Juan Antonio Samaranch , dressed in full-blown fascist uniform, is sworn inas a National Councillor in Spian's sham "parliament" by General Franco in 1967

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