Wednesday, September 23, 2009

066 Centenary of the 1908 Olympic Games

I seek help form Philatelists form Great Britain to help me to get this Issuie i hope i will get this sheet to enrich my collection

Commemorative Sheet: The 1908 London Olympic Games
This Commemorative Sheet marks the centenary of the IV Olympiad held at the White City Stadium in London

The following are shown on the labels, and described in the sheet margin:Baron Pierre de Coubertin, The White City Stadium, Opening Ceremony (first with athletes marching behind flags), City of London Toastmaster, US Tug-of-War team; British boxer Richard Gunn, US Athlete Ray Ewry, British sportswoman Lottie Dod, US flag bearer Ralph Rose (not dipping the flag to the King), 60-year-old Swedish shooter Oscar Swahn.

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